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  • Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet

    Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet begins on Friday March 31st!

    A new era is dawning for Pokemon TCG! Starting next Friday, March 31st, you can start collecting the latest Pokémon cards from the Scarlet & Violet series. These cards are based on the Paldea region from the Nintendo Switch games of the same name, Scarlet & Violet. The start of this brand new series means some changes in the card game.

    The best change is in the packs themselves. From now on, there are guaranteed three shiny holo cards in a pack instead of guaranteed 1 with a possibility of a second. Your collection of shinys will therefore grow extra fast!

    To make trading easier and fairer, additional rarity symbols have also been added. For example, in addition to Common (circle), Uncommon (Square) and Rare (Star), there will be a double star to indicate Ultra Rares as with Miraidon EX below.

    pokemon card

    As more information becomes available we will add it to this page.

    For now, we will be selling the following starting next Friday:

    • Premium checklanes
    • 3 BB blisters
    • Elite Trainer box
    • Sleeved booster packs
    • Booster packs
    • Booster boxes

    Feel free to visit the store for more information, or ask us on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

    See you soon in the store!

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