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  • Unmatched toernooi

    Unmatched Tournament on Sunday, April 14th


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    On Sunday, April 14th, Joydo is organizing an Unmatched tournament in the store with a participation ticket for the NK unmatched for the winner!

    In Unmatched, you battle as legendary heroes. The legendary heroes come from movies, books, or ancient legends. Each hero has a set of action cards with unique abilities that match the fighting style of that hero. But remember, at the end of the game, there can only be one winner!

    Here you can find a short video with gameplay explanation.


    To participate, you need to do three things:

    1. Fill out and submit the registration form (online or in-store)
    2. Purchase a participation ticket
    3. Prepare for a Unmatched board game tournament

    The registration form

    The registration form contains your details so we know who is participating in the tournament and, most importantly, with which heroes. This data is only used for tournament participation and is not shared with third parties.

    If you own a game yourself, you can specify and bring three of your own heroes. If you don't, we have eight character sets from which you can eventually choose one in order of arrival.

    The participation ticket

    The participation ticket costs €5. Purchasing it is mandatory to encourage actual participation. After the tournament, you will receive back the €5 in the form of a store voucher that can be freely spent.

    You can find the ticket here. You can order and pay for the ticket online. Choose "Pickup (Dieren)" and then no further costs will be charged.

    Of course, you can also simply buy the ticket in-store. Be sure to specify which registration it belongs to. A ticket without registration is not a valid participation, the same goes for a registration without a ticket.

    The preparation

    You need to be present by 12:45 on the tournament day. Then, the tournament setup will be briefly explained, and questions can be asked. If you have specific questions about Unmatched, we kindly request you to ask them before the tournament. You can always drop by our store or contact White Goblin Games.

    It's important to familiarize yourself with the game setup beforehand and form an idea of which heroes you think will give you the best chance of winning the tournament. You can view various heroes and their decks in the store, but we also have a wide range of Unmatched games available so you can practice well at home beforehand.

    The prizes

    For the tournament winner, in addition to eternal glory, there's an exclusive set of Unmatched acrylic figures and a participation ticket to the NK Unmatched at the Spellenspektakel 2024 on November 10th in Utrecht.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Registration Form Unmatched Tournament

    1 By checking this, you declare to bring all attributes for this hero on the tournament day, the hero, any sidekicks, the deck, and the life counters.

    * Indicates a required field